Traveling with Casseroles: How to Transport a Casserole in the Car


Traveling with Casseroles: How to Transport a Casserole in the Car

Have casserole, will travel. These casserole tips and tricks will help you get from point A to point B with no mess.

Picture this: you're in the car and on the way to a holiday dinner. Suddenly a car turns in front of you, you slam on the brakes, and your green bean casserole dumps over and creates a huge mess in the car.

This frustrating situation could've been avoided with the help of these resourceful ways to pack a casserole in the car. We've created this guide, Traveling with Casseroles How to Transport a Casserole in the Car, to help you get from point A to point B without any mishaps.

With common household items like a laundry basket, bungee cords, and cabinet liners, you can effortlessly transport your homemade casseroles!

Gone are the days you spent worrying about your casserole sliding aroound in the back of the car or your slow cooker tipping over. Now you can focus on driving without the hassle of worrying about the food you're traveling with.

Transporting Casseroles in the Car

Helpful Materials

  1. Laundry Basket - An empty laundry basket is one of the easiest ways to secure a casserole. Arrange some towels in the bottom of the basket before setting your warm casserole on top. As an added precaution, you can also utilize the holes in the laundry basket and crisscross bungee cords over the casserole. Since the casserole will have a smaller space to slide around in, your dish will be less likely to slide around in the car.

  2. Baking Sheet - Baking sheets are a great way to transport desserts or dips that are made in pie pans. This is especially easy if you are transporting two pie pans. Simply set the pans on top of the baking sheet and cover the pans with tin foil. Make sure to secure the foil under the lip of the baking sheet. The pie-topped baking sheet could also be stashed in a laundry basket to prevent it from sliding around.

  3. Bungee Cords - You may not immediately think of bungee cords when you think of transporting food, but you should! Bungee cords are a simple way to prevent food from sliding around in the trunk. If you are using a laundry basket to protect your casserole, hook the ends of your bungee cord into the tie-down metal anchors in your trunk to stabilize the entire laundry basket. If you are transporting a heavy slow cooker or roasting pan, secure it in the trunk with bungee cords to keep it secured.

  4. Tin Foil - If you are transporting a casserole recipe in a pie pan, there is no better method than wrapping it in tin foil. The thick foil with help protect you and the inside of your car. It will also help keep the pie warm.

  5. Shelf Liners - Those grippy protectors from your kitchen cabinets will also help you when you're transporting your casseroles. Simply place a cabinet liner under your casserole dish, baking sheet, or laundry basket to prevent it from sliding around the car. One of these liners can also be placed inside of the laundry basket before the casserole is placed in the basket.

  6. Extra Towels - If you're traveling with food in the car, spills and drips are always a possibility. That's why it's a great idea to set your pans on top of extra towels. If anything spills, the spills will soak into the towels and won't make a mess of your car. Extra towels can also come in handy if you're transporting your casserole in a laundry basket. Pack some towels around the pan to make it even more secure.

Holiday Casserole Recipes

While potlucks certainly happen year round, the holiday season is known for its food. During the holidays, transporting food should be the least of your worries. These holiday casserole recipes are sure to be a hit at any holiday meal.

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