Wholesome Sweeteners Reviews


Wholesome Sweeteners Reviews

Wholesome Sweeteners

AllFreeCasseroleRecipes' staff used Wholesome Sweeteners' products for everyday uses and for baking, from stirring products into their morning coffee, to baking with a variety of Wholesome Sweeteners' products. Below, you will find staff reviews of a number of Wholesome Sweeteners' products.



Organic Turbinado and Fair Trade Organic Molasses: Used for Ginger Snap Cookies

"I made ginger snap cookies with Wholesome Sweetners’ Fair Trade Certified Organic Blackstrap Molasses and Organic Turbinado sugar. I’ve made this recipe before, and I have to say these cookies are much better this time using Wholesome Sweetners’ ingredients. The cookies have a deeply rich molasses flavor, a crispy, chewy texture and a rich dark color. The Turbinado sugar is also fantastic with these cookies. The crystals are large and sweet and really make the cookies pop—both visually and in taste. I rolled the doll in the sugar before baking and each bite is crunchy, sweet perfection. I’ll never make these ginger snaps again without the help of Wholesome Sweeteners. Delish!"


"Great density.  Not too soft, or too hard. Liked the large sugar sprinkles on top coating. Great taste, perfect blend of what you think molasses cookies should be. Addicting.  Hail to the baker, and the fine organic ingredients!"


"The molasses was delicious and full of flavor.  The raw sugar was sweet and crunchy and made a perfect topping.  Plus, it makes everything that much better to know that it’s fair trade."


"I love the idea of fair trade practices being certified, and when you add organic to the mix, you just can’t go wrong.  Wholesome Sweeteners’ Fair Trade Certified Organic Molasses and Organic Turbinado sugar are testament to this.  Used in ginger snap cookies just recently, they add perfect texture and flavor that can’t be beat.  I’ll be looking for Wholesome Sweeteners in my supermarket, to be certain!"


"Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside – the perfect cookie. The ginger flavor came through without being overpowering; just right mix of ginger and sweet."


Fair Trade Organic Sucanat: Gluten Free Cinnamon Cookies

"When I first opened the Fair Trade Certified Organic Sucanat I was welcomed with the strong smell of molasses. I knew that this wasn’t any ordinary sugar and couldn’t wait to see what the Cinnamon Cookies would taste like. Using this sugar in place of brown sugar in really any recipe is a breeze and it mixed well with other ingredients while maintaining its flavor. I also decided to make this recipe using gluten free flour. The cookies turned out delicious – light and fluffy with a wonderful cinnamon and molasses flavor that wasn’t overpowering at all. I definitely plan on using this sugar in the future!"


"I was a little nervous about the substitution of brown sugar for organic sucanat. Luckily, these cookies were light and delicious but not too sweet. The texture was a little more flaky and crumbly than a "normal cookie" but I actually thought it was nice (I didn't feel like it was too soft or too chewy). I would definitely use this product when baking on my own."


"I tried cinnamon cookies made with Fair Trade Certified Organic Sucanat instead of brown sugar. These cookies were sweet, light and fluffy. They had a similar quality to that if they were made with brown sugar, but actually had a richer flavor.  The sweetness wasn’t overpowering, but light and delightful. I’d use it in my baking in the future."


Fair Trade Certified Organic Sucanat: Gluten Free Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies

"I tried the Gluten Free Cookies made with Wholesome Organic Sucanat Dried Sugar Cane Juice. Chocolate chip cookies are usually super sweet, which is great but leads to the inevitable sugar crash. I liked that these cookies were flavorful but not the sweetness was not overpowering. I didn't feel guilty eating these cookies which is always a good thing! I would definitely as a substitute for brown sugar because I liked that they made the cookies moist but not soggy."


"I was looking for a gluten free cookie recipe and came across one that called for this Organic Sucanat Dried Sugar Cane Juice. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this brown sugar substitute worked into the recipe. Its texture being more granulated as opposed to the sticky consistency of typical brown sugar brought a nice bite to each cookie. I was so pleased with the Sucanat that I now use it in my oatmeal in the morning because it sweetens without a heavy or sugary element."


"The cookies made with Wholesome Organic Sucanat Dried Sugar Cane Juice were amazing! The sugar is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, with a nice light taste that's not overpowering. This sugar obviously worked well as a substitute for normal sugar products because I wanted to eat all the cookies on the plate."

Fair Trade Certified Natural Cane Sugar and Fair Trade Organic Powdered Sugar: Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

"I had Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes made with Fair Trade Natural Cane Sugar in the batter in the place of white sugar. The cupcakes’ frosting was a basic chocolate frosting made with Wholesome Organic Powdered Sugar.  It’s convenient that the Fair Trade Certified Natural Can Sugar can be used in a one-for-one replacement in place of refined sugar when baking. The cupcakes came out light and fluffy, with even sweetness throughout. The sugar cooks perfectly as refined sugar might. Not to mention, it feels good to know that the farmers who made the sugar available for our consumption were compensated directly for their labor. Finally, the Wholesome Organic Powdered Sugar used in the frosting was delicious. The frosting came out light, airy and perfectly sweet."


"I used Organic Powdered Sugar in chocolate frosting on top of cupcakes. I also sprinkled some on brownies. The consistency of this powdered sugar was the same as ordinary powdered sugar after sifting. It clumped a little bit because overall, there is a bit more moisture in this Organic Powdered Sugar but in terms of flavor and how it blended into my frosting recipe, it was a very soft sugar."


"The Fair Trade Natural Cane Sugar I used in the cupcake batter was much coarser than any other white sugar I've ever used. The recipe required sifting of all the sugars and flours together but some of the granules of this sugar were too large to go through the sifter. It didn't cause any problems with the recipe and likely helped keep the batter together."


Evaporated Cane Juice Organic Sugar: Chocolate Chip Brownies

"This Evaporated Cane Juice Organic Sugar that I used in the brownies didn't differ too much from white granulated sugar. It mixed in with the other ingredients very nicely. I didn't notice a difference in texture or consistency so it worked as a great sugar replacement. Overall, I was pleased with how nicely this worked in one of my favorite brownie recipes."


"I had Chocolate Chip Brownies made with Evaporated Cane Juice Organic Sugar, rather than white sugar.  I’m comforted that this sugar has a natural color and texture. It also would be great in hot beverages. The sugar made these brownies all the more decadent, rich and sweet. I recommend anyone replacing refined white sugar with this natural and socially conscious product. The brownies were topped with Wholesome Organic Powdered Sugar, which gave an elegant and sweet touch to the dessert."


"The brownies that I tasted (made using Wholesome Sweeteners' Fair Trade Organic Sugar) were absolutely delicious.  I could taste the sweetness of the sugar without it being overpowering, which is exactly what you want with baked brownies.  I'm a huge fan of organic products in general, and knowing that this sugar is all-natural and made from freshly squeezed Organic Sugar Cane Juice made me enjoy my brownie treat that much more.  Any home baker interested in trying out organic ingredients should check out the line of products from Wholesome Sweeteners.  There is a lot of great stuff to choose from!"


"I took a sliver of the brownies just to have a taste -- and I went back for more!  The brownies were delicious!  They tasted like they were made with regular not organic sugar which is a good thing because people -- myself included -- sometimes get leery of trying things that are organic, gluten-free, etc.  But, there's no reason to fear organic sugar!  The brownies tasted just as good as if they were made with non-organic sugar."


Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

"I loved cooking with Wholesome Sweetners Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.  I used it to replace brown sugar in one of my favorite recipes and, dare I say, I loved it even more!  The Coconut Palm Sugar added a deep caramel flavor to the pineapple cake I made, and I loved the rich color and flavor it added to my recipe.  I'll be making Organic Coconut Palm Sugar a staple in my baking supplies from now on."


"I tried Pineapple Upside Down Cake made using Organic Coconut Palm Sugar for the topping. It replaced the use of standard brown sugar. The rich, caramel flavors of the sugar enhanced the cake topping and it made it even more decadent. It also gave the cake an appetizing, caramel-brown, gooey topping. I would definitely use this coconut palm sugar in baking in the future."


"Awesomeatomic! (that’s a new word I just invented) Really good."


"This was a very good cake. It was moist and the pineapple topping was especially sweet. I was surprised by how juicy the pineapple was. I would use Organic Coconut Palm Sugar in other recipes, too, to get a light, but sweet dessert."


"I had the upside down pineapple cake. I thought the cake was great! The actual cake part wasn’t too sweet, actually not sweet at all. At first I thought it tasted bland but then it blended perfectly with the rest of the toppings. I could eat the whole platter."


"Oh, this is a good cake! Good moisture and held together nicely. The tart / sweet flavor of the pineapple is so good. (Might “enhance” by adding a little rum to the mixture next time.)"


Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Light Corn Syrup with a hint of Vanilla: Golden Grahams' S'mores Bars

"These were absolutely fantastic! They had everything S'mores have, but were a lot easier to eat because they weren't as gooey. They were sweet, but not too sweet. I want to make these myself!"


"The Wholesome Sweeterners Organic Corn Syrup is much smoother tasting than regular high-fructose corn syrup.  Also, tis good to know that it isn’t so highly processed."


"It isn’t often that I think of making a dessert using corn syrup, but Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Corn Syrup with Organic Vanilla may just make me change my tune!  A colleague used this very product to make a delicious dessert to share, and I’m not ashamed to admit I ate more than one piece. =)  Vanilla in corn syrup – who would have thought?  I’m sure glad that the folks at Wholesome Sweeteners did!"


"The S’mores bars were very chocolate-y but were delicious if you’re a marshmallow person. They were easy to eat, unlike regular s’mores and you don’t even need an open flame."


"Talk about an amazing afternoon treat! The s’mores are the perfect mix of chocolaty and crunchy, all put together in one perfect bite. I thought the creation would be messy, but I was glad to see that there was no clean up required. Great products, great flavors, you can’t go wrong."


"Chocolate goodness and the crunch of the cinnamon cereal make this a delicious treat; good sweetness without feeling like your teeth are coated in sugar."


New Organic Light Blue Agave Packets

"If you’re ever looking for a little sweetness to have with some of those tart strawberries you can often come across, find Wholesome Sweeteners’ Organic Blue Agave or Organic Raw Blue Agave.  With just the right sweetness factor, they’re similar to honey and are the perfect complement to the berries.  Also try the sweeteners for dipping apples, or for baking where you might want a honey-like sweetness.   Simply divine!"


Organic Strawberry Flavored Raw Blue Agave Syrup

"Organic Strawberry Flavored Raw Blue Agave Syrup is a delightfully sweet addition to any breakfast or dessert table…even as an ingredient in dressings.  As a topping or dip for his morning pancakes, my 3 ½-year-old son can’t get enough of the stuff, and he is particular about his syrups.  As any good mommy would, I tried some of the syrup as well and found it to be as good as he did – not cloyingly sweet, just the right hint of strawberry, and none of that fake syrupy texture.  A definite hit in our house!"


Organic Blue Agave Vanilla Syrup

"I used this in my coffee one morning instead of using cream and it was such a pleasant surprise. It was a lighter flavor and still satisfied my morning sweet tooth!"


Organic Cinnamon Flavored Raw Blue Agave Syrup

"I used this on a Sunday morning during breakfast. I poured into our syrup holder and nobody even knew it wasn’t our usual brand. This is a more natural syrup with less calories and still has great flavor for pancakes or waffles."


Fair Trade Organic Amber Honey

"Honey is honey, right? No. This is lighter and thinner than most honey brands I’ve tried. Although I ended up using more of it (which might have not helped with my goal to intake fewer calories), it was still delicious."


Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Coconut Palm Sugar:

"The Organic Coconut Palm Sugar from Wholesome Sweeteners was a fantastic product for all of my baking needs. A cross between brown sugar and coconut sugar, this sweetener adds a tropical twist to any recipe. The best part? It's good for you too! For those of you on a gluten-free or vegan diet, this sugar is a fantastic substitute for any recipe using brown sugar, such as cookies or cakes. The coconut flavor even enhances the dish, giving you baked goods that taste anything but ordinary."


Organic Blue Agave Nectar   

"I was a little hesitant at first about trying the Organic Blue Agave Sweetener by Wholesome Sweeteners only because I wasn't familiar with how agave tasted. After a single taste, I can't believe I had any doubts! Its concentrated sweetness helps you to cut back on your sugar intake simply because you don't need to use as much. Additionally, the sugar is absorbed more slowly than regular table sugar, preventing huge spikes in your blood sugar levels. No more sugar overload! If you're looking for a healthy alternative to your standard sugar products, this is the product to try."



Photos above are courtesy of Wholesome Sweeteners.


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